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I lost my cell & found myself in what I call the phone hunting mode again! Leaving aside the clutter, I was stuck between the SE K750 or Nokia N Series. "Great Camera!!" was the echo coming from the sukip community, (did I tell u I love photography!). And the ratings on sukip sealed it... "Voila"!!! 90% votes were in favour of sony and that became a deciding factor in my purchase.

Bhawna Bangari, Wipro Technologies

I could never really understand why he became a part of the Pakistani team. They have always been known for reasons other than cricket and now his death was limits!! after some searching, I could see all popular blogs about him on the Bob Woolmer page on sukip where I let my anger out...I also came across many of his videos bringing back sweet memories...

Rinkesh Singh, Specialist, A1S Platform, SAP Labs

I recently visited the US and decided to surprise my husband by gifting him an iPod (Knowing the kind of music buff he is). One of my friends told me to have a look at sukip's Apple iPod page and my next reaction was "Where should I click first?". It was like I have searched for images, news, links, videos, blogs.. all at once.. They pack so much information in one page... definitely worth visiting again!!!

Tripti Singh, InfoEdge (of fame)

Ambani (as we fondly call him), my roommate, got EuroTrip from somewhere, after visiting Now, after watching the movie for countless times, I can't stop singing "Scotty doesnt know..." I read the comments on sukip about EuroTrip and thought I should have seen it earlier, it was an 2004 release... shit!!! I missed it for 3 years.

Jasdeep Bajaj, Wipro Technologies

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