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How do I find items a user rated, submitted, and/or commented on?

Whenever a user submits, rates, or comments on a submission, the item gets a boost in the search results. Hence more active items always appear on the top of other items. You can also search for items by using the search bar on the top. To view the latest posted items, go to the Upcoming TAB

I submitted a item and now it's gone. Where'd it go?

New items live in the Upcoming section for between 12-24 hours, depending on the popularity of the topic they fall under. After 12-24 hours, if the item has not been promoted to the homepage (become popular), it falls out of the queue.

Can I report a bug/problem/abuse?

If you encounter a bug or problem, please visit Report a Bug. If you encounter abuse, please email us at

How do I upload my items?

You can use a web form to upload your items. To access this upload form, look in the navigation menu at the top under "Your Profile". Remember to Login before looking for the Add New Item form.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can have?


How do I share my items with people?

People who pop by to visit sukip will be able to see your items. If you add tags to your items, they'll be added to the whole sukip collection, so when people surf around looking for items tagged with something in particular, yours will come up.

Can anybody comment on my items?

Yes. We recommend that any sukip user be able to comment on your items.If someone leaves a comment on a photo that you don't like, you can choose to hate it.

What does the "Report as Junk/Offensive/Exired" link do on a item page?

There are loads of items on sukip. So many that you'll probably come across items that you don't like, or that offend you in some way.When viewing someone else's item pages, the "Junk" link is there for you to mark photos that you think are JUNK data/information. You can mark items as Offensive if you think the community at large would be offended by that item. If enough of the community at large agrees with you, the photo will be hidden from sukip.

Where can I know about new sukip features and communicate with its founders?

The sukip BLOG is the official sukip blog. You can found latest news and features added about sukip here. You can even leave your comments which will serve as a communication medium between the sukip founders and the whole of sukip community. So keep blogging to keep aware of the latest in sukip world....

Is registering with sukip free?

Yes, sukip is a completely free service. You're also free to have more than one account, for example for personal and work use.

sukip always asks me to log in, even though I'm already logged in.

This is usually a cookie-related problem. Do you have cookies disabled, or any cookie-blocking extensions installed? Make sure is allowed to set cookies. If that doesn't help, try deleting your sukip cookies (this is in your browser preferences) and logging in again.